Tucked away in the historical bayside Melbourne suburb of Williamstown, Victoria is the small family run jewellery business Filigree Jewellers Australia.

Established 20 years ago by brothers Tony and Mikel Gashi, following on from the footsteps of their father and grandfather, Filigree has built a name that attracts customers Melbourne wide.

The brothers' skill in gold and silversmithing has been handed down over three generations, and as Mikel says: "To become the best, you need the combination of a great teacher - and our father was a master at this craft - a lot of practice and most of all a love for what you do."

There is no doubt that the Gashi brothers love what they do. Whether it is a request for a repair, the remodelling of an old piece of jewellery or a once in a lifetime dream engagement, wedding or eternity ring, customers at Filigree Jewellers are assured they are dealing directly with the person that will be carrying out the work.

Aside from being craftsmen of exquisite pieces of handmade jewellery, Mikel and Tony have over the years established relationships with exclusive jewellery manufacturers in both Europe and Australia. This has enabled Filigree Jewellers to offer their clients exclusive and unique pieces that sets them apart from the rest.

"We are pedantic about the quality of our jewellery we sell because we guarantee the products to our clients, regardless of whether we crafted it ourselves or if it is one of the many fine pieces we source through our suppliers," says Mikel. "We are meticulous in making sure our clients get the best we can offer and above all that they are getting exactly what they paid for."

"Purchasing a special item of jewellery is something that some people only experience a few times in a lifetime. Our job is to ensure that you feel good about what you bought and also feel good about where you bought it."

The building in which Filigree Jewellers operates from has been a jewellery store for more than 100 years, and Mikel and Tony hope that Filigree Jewellers will become an integral part of the buildings history and continue to serve its clients for many years to come